US|GCP™ Scam Prevention Services

What Are Social Engineering Cybercrimes?

Social engineering is the art of manipulating human beings into performing actions or divulging confidential information. It includes a broad range of manipulative techniques employed by cybercriminals around the world from North Korea and Iran to West Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Latin America, and virtually everywhere else to obtain money, obtain control, steal data and intellectual property, perform sabotage, and otherwise traumatize individuals and damage enterprises.

US|GCP™ is the most experienced provider of cybercriminality protection services in the world, delivering both remote and onsite social engineering prevention services, incident response, and remediation & support. Scroll down to learn more!

We Combat Global Cybercrimes And Scams

With over 28 Years of experience and having helped tens of thousands recover from socially engineered scams, the US|GCP Team behind US|GCP are experts in every aspect of global online fraud. The US|GCP Leadership were also principals in the establishment of healthcare, financial, and online regulatory privacy & security, as well as founding the world’s most respected online crime victims’ assistance organization. Let our recognized expert team help your organization’s personnel withstand the constant onslaught of professional cybercriminals.

Understanding Social Engineering Scams

Today’s Cybercriminals are more sophisticated and well trained than ever. As many as one hundred thousand online scammers dominate every aspect of online communications, with the capability of robbing your business and destroying your employee’s lives. Will and commitment are not enough to stop this. Your people must be trained to develop an immunity to scams and other cybercrimes.

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Building A Human Firewall Against Scams

You need to protect your organization and every employee and officer needs to both understand how global cybercrimes function. But more importantly how to change their behaviors in the workplace and in their private lives to build a human firewall between your environment and the scammers. Continuous training and education are critical, but also auditing and human penetration testing are essential to make sure your team is defending as one! US|GCP can help you defend and know you have done all you can.

What Your Business Faces

Nobody likes being manipulated—and that’s exactly what happens to people or businesses when they fall victim to social engineering scams online. In addition to using more sophisticated fraud techniques, malware, ransomware, and viruses, online criminals have become increasingly aware of the use and power that psychology plays in weaving believable online fiction. By ‘engineering’ a believable scenario, criminals are able to manipulate users to act on otherwise risky behavior. There’s a dark art to this skill, and it’s one that can cause you and your organization a great deal of distress and financial loss should you become compromised.

Cybercrimes Represent A USD $6 Trillion Dollar Industry

US|GCP Services are provided to Small, Medium, and Enterprise level clients on project, maintenance, and incident response basis.

Proceeds from US|GCP support the Victims Assistance Mission of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams [SCARS] around the world, including the thousands of victims that are directly helped through SCARS Support Groups worldwide.

Who Is Behind US|GCP?

The US|GCP Global Cybercrime Prevention Team is composed of the cybersecurity experts at the world’s leading cybercrime education, victims’ assistance & support, and advocacy organization: the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. SCARS is a U.S.-based tax-exempt nonprofit totally focused on helping individuals and businesses avoid becoming a victim of the nearly 100,000 online criminals attacking every moment of every day. They seek to find your weaknesses through online means, email, phone communications, and literally every contact tool you use to sustain your enterprise. Our Team is led by Dr. Tim McGuinness a technology industry pioneer, a seasoned cybersecurity and regulatory privacy professional who helped author the most far-reaching privacy and security regulations and is a faculty member or advisor to multiple universities and corporations worldwide. SCARS is the most experienced and connected organization on the planet when it comes to understanding global online fraud and how to counter it. It can help your business harden against scams, and also provide the training and sustained support you and your employees need to resist future attacks.

To learn more about the Society’s efforts in support of victims worldwide please visit

The US|GCP Process


Vulnerability Assessment


Personnel Training


Behavioral Process Change


Penetration Auditing


Incident Response

Find points of risk for your people and understand your organization

Help your people understand what scams are but also how they affect them personally

Help people learn that intelligence and commitment are not enough they must change habits

Checking how well the organization learned and if additional coaching is required

Responding in the event of a corporate scam event or at the individual level

Learn How We Can Help Your Company Today!

Contact the US|GCP division of SCARS today to let us show you what we can do to help your enterprise avoid everything from Business Email Compromise (BEC)  or CEO Scams, Socially Engineered Data Breaches, Scams that attack individual employees and officers, Money Transfer Scams, Spoofing and Impersonation Scams, Phishing and Relationship Scams, and many more. If there is a form of internet-related human-factored risk, we can help you avoid it.

We Provide On-Site & Remote Services For:

  • Cybercrime Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Institutional Points of Failure
  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Targeting & Testing
  • Workforce Training – For Both Corporate & Personal Risks
  • Human Firewall Training & Behavioral Modification
  • Periodic Auditing for Sustained Risk Management
  • Continuing Anti-Cybercrime Education
  • Knowledge & Skills Transfer to Corporate Staff
  • Employee Victim Support for Current or Future Scam Victims
  • Corporate Risk Advisory
  • Cybercrime Incident Response – Remediation & Training
  • Law Enforcement Coordination
  • Impersonation Resolution Guidance

Wherever possible we hire and support the employment of experienced Scam Victims who have learned the lesson of cybercrime vulnerability first hand and have dedicated themselves to be a part of the US|GCP team to aid in preventing the victimization of others.